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Nite Music ~ by Jeffrey Bedrick


The "Music of the Spheres" is all around us, all the time.
We are like tuning forks, each of us calibrated to our own specific
vibrational frequency. Tuning-in to our own personal rhythms and letting them
draw our attention toward the cosmic currents of our Universe, is the only way we
can be "in the right place at the right time," and facilitate our Soul's agenda,
rather than being cast into other people's performances. Since the art of
listening has become my lifetime dharma, I hope through this
web-site to share with you, my sisters and fellow travellers,
some of the special ways I have found to listen:


guardian of ~sandwaves~
Spirit of White Tiger lives here

White Wolf calls to the Wild Woman in Us All

White Wolf calls to
Wild Woman in Us All
    Hear Her Howl
  Our favourite Wild Woman, Clarissa Pinkola Estés,
reminds women everywhere of our inherent
birthright, wildness. This excerpt from
Women Who Run With the Wolves
is the most frequently read
poster in my house.


in the spotlight ~ 'Imagine a Woman' ~ click here!
... imagine a woman ...


Be Good to Yourself
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may the force be with you
            Yoda speaks
You've gotta believe in Magic
    and when you do ... you see through ...

Minerva, our Snowy Owl, stands watch as Wise Crone



    Meet Minerva,
      Snowy Owl, our
        night-watch crone
          Do you hear her now?



Let your Mind soar into the Heavens ~ Visit the Aquarian Zone
Free your Mind to soar into the Heavens ~ by Jeffrey Bedrick
Visit the Aquarian Zone


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Fair Wanderer,
your fortune told?
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Symphony ~ by
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